Memorable high-impact exposure across all media

Cinetransformer brand activation services and promotional tours are a proven, highly visible means of generating high-impact exposure and word-of-mouth buzz for your brand, product or informational campaign with our unique mobile cinemas and event trailers.

Experiences to share!

What are brand activation services? :

Media exposure works when you have something exciting to share! Promoting your brand with brand activation services with a Cinetransformer tour creates a unique and highly memorable experience for your audience, engaging their senses like no other marketing medium. The resulting deep emotional connections transform your audience into energized supporters, eager to share their experience by word-of-mouth and on social media.

Recognition Your Company Deserves

The excitement of brand activation services by Cinetransformer and its mobile cinemas and showrooms naturally generates media exposure. Our clients frequently benefit by attracting additional media attention – at no additional cost — from local and national media eager to pick up on unique and entertaining and newsworthy story opportunities.  Helping the news media “do their job” while also helping to maximize the return on investment. 

Client Testimonials

Examples Of High-Impact Media Exposure

LET’S BE COPS Film Promotion

EL SENOR DE LOS CIELOS New Season Promotion

SAN ANDREAS Simultaneous Film Promotion In 4D In 7 Countries


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