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What is an Experiential Event Agency?

Cinetransformer is an experiential event agency, which provides international experiential marketing services capable of running mobile marketing tours in multiple countries simultaneously around the world with its mobile cinemas and mobile showrooms.

Global Brands like Amazon, Samsung and Subaru chose us as their strategic experiential event agency partner for our ability to execute one-of-a-kind experiential marketing tours for their brands anywhere in the world. These brands know the value and the important part our unique campaigns play in their continued global growth.

We offer great measurable results to companies looking to increase their brand awareness and consumer base with our experiential event agency services and event trailers.

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Large Companies Like Warner Bros Understand The Challenges Of Marketing To A Worldwide Audience. Cinetransformer Offers A Powerful Global Solution with its 2D and 3D mobile cinemas.


For their international San Andreas Campaign, Warner Bros needed to:

  • Generate enthusiastic word-of-mouth engagement and pre-release interest in the blockbuster action film
  • Exceptional media and social media buzz
  • Create a dramatic immersive earthquake experience
+ Information

Amazing Results!

7 Countries visited  ( USA, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium )
29 Cities visited
51 Events
1,222 Screenings
47,000 Visitors engaged
14,700 Miles traveled
4M+ on-the-road impacts
Exceptional media and social media buzz
An amazing conversion rate… 95% of visitors indicated their excitement and intention to see the film when released in their local theater

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