Experiential Marketing & Top Trends

Experiential Marketing is a fun and memorable way to engage customers with your products or services. Businesses are coming to acknowledge it’s the customer’s experience that drives sales. Think of the car dealership offering gift cards and other promotions just for test-driving one of their vehicles, knowing if they get you into the car to smell the smells and feel yourself behind the wheel, the chances of completing the sale increase exponentially. Similarly, Event Trailers, like mobile showrooms or pop-up shops are becoming more popular marketing formats as they expose your product and message in a unique and exciting method. Kylie Cosmetics and Gym Shark both host successful pop-up marketing campaigns, incorporating brand ambassadors to engage with fans and customers alike.

An Experiential Trailer or Mobile Marketing Trailer engages more of the customer’s senses by creating moments for consumers that provide them experiential surprise. The creativity of these marketers amazes from Mobile movie theaters and extensive Mobile Marketing Tours which allow companies to engage with customers in a fun and interactive way. The National Guard is become known for their national tours in mobile recruitment trailers.

The idea of experiential marketing is not an entirely new concept. The Pepsi challenge, whose campaign has been running over 45 years, is the perfect example of a successful Experiential Marketing Tours. Event Marketing Trailers and Expandable Event Trailer allow a closer connection between customers and brands.

Mobile Promotional Vehicles and Mobile Marketing Vehicles are other top trending experiential marketing forms. Yet, one of the first examples of a mobile marketing vehicle would be the infamous Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, which was first introduced in 1936. A more common example these days are vehicle wraps, which can be found everywhere. They are quite eye-catching and engage customer’s with eye-catching visuals.

A Brand activation agency offers several Brand Activation Services to drive consumer action through experiences. So when brands want to make a statement, they partner with an Experiential Event Agency to bring attention to products and services like never before. Experiential Marketing Services can take your brand to the next level by immersing customers in an experience using Exhibit Trailers to engage more of the senses and telling more of the story of your brand. According to experts, the customer’s experience will be the key to differentiating your brand in 2020.

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