How Augmented Reality Makes Event Sponsorships More Successful

How Augmented Reality Makes Event Sponsorships More Successful

Sponsoring events can bring massive benefits to your business. This includes raising brand awareness, enhancing your credibility in the market, generating positive press, reinforcing customer loyalty, and creating goodwill. It can also generate sales or leads, let you conduct research, and showcase new products or services.

Two things are important though: you have to get involved with the right events, and you must be as visible as possible. When you achieve these objectives you are much more likely to increase the return on your investment. Augmented reality is not the only solution to achieving these objectives, but it can make a significant contribution.

What Is Augmented Reality?

For decades augmented reality has existed only in the make-believe worlds of television and the movies. As far back as the 1980s characters in movies were depicted using headsets that gave them
data and information about the real world they were looking at. This is now no longer fiction – you can even do it with apps on your phone.

Augmented reality is about enhancing the real world with computer generated overlays. It is therefore very different to virtual reality, where the user is digitally transported away from the real world into a virtual one.Augmented reality is technology that was been considered in some quarters as being a bit of a gimmick, but advances in headset technology and increasingly creative applications of the hardware has made it not only mainstream, but also an effective and powerful marketing tool. Experiential marketing events are when the technology really starts to shine.

Event Sponsorship And Augmented Reality

Here is how augmented reality can ensure you sponsor the best events, and that you are as visible as possible at those events.

  • Getting involved in the right events – there are lots of factors you will consider when looking at events to sponsor. Does the event organiser have a brand or products that you want to be associated with, for example? Is there a correlation between you and the event organiser, and can a connection be made that is clear to the event attendees? These are all important questions but another that is also crucial is what will the user experience be like? You want to associate your brand with events that are exciting, informative, entertaining, fun, and cutting edge. Events like this create positive experiences for users which is beneficial to your brand. Augmented reality can deliver this.
  • Make sure you are visible – it doesn’t have to be just the event organiser that uses augmented reality at an event, however. Depending on the sponsorship arrangement you have in place, you could also use augmented reality technology as an alternative method of delivering information about your brand, products or services. Augmented reality can make your brand come alive before the eyes of attendees without distracting them from the event proper. This is a more engaging way to connect with attendees.

However augmented reality is used at events you are sponsoring, one thing is for certain – it will make an impact and it will be memorable, which will help you to maximize returns.

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