Using Cinetransformer at Film Festivals

Why You Should Use A Mobile Cinema For Your Next Film Festival?

It’s now possible to make your film festival better and more exciting and find a new funding source, by using Cinetransformer. That might seem like a bold statement to make, but we have produced a number of similar events and have achieved considerable success.

What exactly can Cinetransformer do for your festival? How can you use Cinetransformer to make the experience better for both of your customer subsets: your sponsors and attendees? And how can you make more money?

Benefits Of Using Cinetransformer For Your Film Festival

Using Cinetransformer at your festival will bring significant benefits. Those benefits are delivered to you as the organizer, your festival sponsors, and the people who attend the festival. Here’s how.
Benefits to attendees:

  • Attendees get a more immersive, personal experiential experience
  • As the “venue” comes to them it makes it easier and more convenient for them to attend
  • There are increased excitement levels because it’s a new and innovative experience and creates are real festival experience

Benefits to festival sponsors:

  • Cinetransformer provides added value for your festival sponsors
  • Sponsors get additional marketing options, such as taking part in a national pre or post show experiential marketing tours
  • Sponsor gets to be associated with a cool, cutting edge, and innovative experiential experience
  • Sponsor reaches thousands more potential customers buy exposing their brand well beyond just those who attended the festival with onsite social media and a national preshow tour.

Benefits to you:

  • This is a unique platform to offer your existing and potential sponsors that you didn’t offer in the past.
  • As there is minimal setup time and you can schedule screenings locations closer together, enhancing the festival feel and position the cinemas in more exciting locations.
  • You will increase the level of engagement with your festival attendees and sell more tickets.
  • Your festival will benefit from the personalized branding of the Cinetransformer vehicle, both while in transit between venues and on location.
  • You will increase the potential reach of your festival by getting more people to attend and through follow up initiatives via onsite social media technology.
  • You can also offer additional marketing, including remarketing opportunities.
  • Experiential marketing events like this also help you stay ahead of the competition, remain relevant, and present your festival as cutting edge.

How To Make Money From Cinetransformer At Your Film Festival

Here is the best part about using Cinetransformer at your festival: depending on your strategy, it doesn’t have to be a cost. In fact, it can actually make you money.

As already mentioned, Cinetransformer adds increased value to both your attendees and your festival sponsors. You can use this added value to strengthen the relationship with your sponsors, and ensure they get as much from the festival as possible.

Another approach you can take is to offer Cinetransformer as an upsell. This could be to a client who is already sponsoring the event, or it could give you the opportunity to bring in another sponsor. This isadditional revenue for your festival.

In fact, we have experience with similar events where the event organizers have not only covered the cost of Cinetransformer by getting a sponsor, but they have actually made a profit on the sponsorship. And, again, this is additional revenue for your festival.

People who attend film festivals these days demand more. Cinetransformer can help you provide it to them.

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