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What is Experiential Marketing?

Is there a way that businesses can improve their marketing and involve their customers? Customers are the heartbeat of any business. Selling your products and services to non- loyal customers is the fastest way to crumble. As a business, your main aim should not to generate leads, remember that unless the leads are motivated, they are likely to fall into the hands of your competitors.

Human beings are social creatures, they tend to remember experiences more than anything. Tracking your customer engagement on several devices will definitely take your business to a whole new level.

Experiential marketing defined

Experiential marketing is simply a strategy that aims at customer engagement by creating real-life experiences that customers will remember for a long time. This marketing strategy lets the customer try the brand’s products and services so as to create an experience out of it.

This article is for you if you are looking for ways to better your customer engagement. We will walk you through the basics of experiential marketing and tell you why we vouch for onSpot social as a customer engagement guru app in the market today.

The main elements of experiential marketing are:

Is experiential marketing vital in business?

Strat ups can take advantage of this type of marketing to enhance and increase their customer loyalty hence increase their sales.  For any customer, experiential marketing gives them the opportunity to interact with their favorite brand or even build lasting relationships with a specific brand of their interest.

Additionally, a brand increases its exposure and awareness by asking its customers to share their experiences on social media or spread the word about their products and services with friends and family.

Why OnSpot Social for better customer engagement?

Research has shown that television product commercials are not doing the trick anymore! Fortunately, there are ways in which you can engage your customers effortlessly and create long- lasting experiences. There are several apps that enhance customer engagement, why should you choose OnSpot social?

Facilitates digital signage and videos

Want to make your event one of a kind? Onspot social allows you to display all branded digital signage in an event so that you are able to attract a larger number of audience.  You can connect to a larger screen for a better view and also showcase your branded services and products effortlessly.

The apps come handy when your main goal is creating awareness about your business’s new products or services.  Research shows that a client is able to understand a product or service better during a live demonstration.

OnSpot Social knows that most events tend to be dull and unappealing to both customers and prospects. With a little creativity, a simple event ends up becoming a big deal thus increasing leads and sales tremendously.

Contest and games

Your customers will love being engaged through digital contests and gaming. OnSpot app lets you convert your iPad into a photo booth, your customers then play scratch and win a game as they shop. The app then selects random winners and texts them their prizes.

Customer reviews

Each business needs customer feedback in order to improve its products and services. The app allows you to collect customer feedback and reviews in real time.

Social sharing

OnSpot Social knows that your customers engage in different platforms. For this reason, the app enables peer to peer social sharing.  The app encourages your customers to like your social media pages all from your business tablet.

The app also lets you share your business videos and photos on social media platforms such as Instagram so as to enable you to collect more followers. OnSpot helps you turn your device into a social media kiosk in minutes. With this app your customers do not need to reach out for their personal devices so as to search for your business social media pages.

The OnSpot Social app does not encourage you to stop creating content about your products and services. You can increase your social shares by creating high-quality content that includes photos and videos that your audience will love.

Automatically send follow up emails

Onspot Social automatically triggers messages from your device directly into your customers and prospects mobile phones. It also sends mobile coupons and pushes email messages together with accurately delivering mobile web experiences to your customers.

The best way to create momentum between your business and your customers is to continue sending emails about your products and services. These retargeting campaigns are the only sure way to continue nurturing your audience for the purposes of turning them into customers.

Remember that experiential marketing aim is about creating a meaningful influence on the audience and is not only confined to events.   Engagement rates increase tremendously when you send targetted messages to a specific segment of your audience depending on their needs.

Last words

Most businesses are now aware that the only way to beat the competition and stay ahead of the game is by building long-lasting strong relationships with their customers. Customer engagement is no longer an option, it is the foundation of a great business strategy. In order to take your business a notch higher, strategize on how to best reach out to your audience.

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